Strapped and the Nic Salt market!

Nic Salts market feature several benefits over Freebase Nicotine including being able to be used with any device including sub-ohm vapours and mouth-to-lung. 
And the hit can rival most traditional cigarettes.

The main benefit of Nic-Salt is that it is designed to mimic the nicotine, naturally found in tobacco leaves, by giving you a faster and cleaner hit, without overriding the liquids flavour profile.

A NS20 will give you a similar flavour profile compared to freebase nicotine, closer to 3-4mg whilst providing you a 20mg hit of nicotine.

Nicotine Salts are generally not marketed as a “Stop Smoking” aid, but rather an alternative to smoking entirely. The Nicotine hit is more immediate, giving the feeling to “put down” their vapours after a few puffs.

STRAPPED ELIQUID LTD has bought all their flavours available in 10ml NS20 bottles and is available from all authorised retailers and online immediately.