NEW Rhubarb & Custard NIC SALT 10ml 10mg/20mg

The company is extending its ORIGINAL line-up by introducing the NEW Rhubarb & Custard 10ml NIC SALT in a 10MG or 20MG range, in addiction to our 100ml short-fill.

A nostalgic mix of tangy Rhubarb and Sweet Vanilla that is a perfect replica of your favourite hard candy in a perfect balance of sweet and sour.

The rhubarb tastes fresh and with just a hint of sharpness. And it is perfectly balanced by the rich, luxuriousness of the sweet, creamy custard.

You can savour each flavour separately, but your tastebuds really zing to life when the two combine to make a truly classic boiled sweet.

Those are the taste sensations that you get with our Best Ever Rhubarb and Custard.

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