Strapped E-liquid is a leading world class brand manufactured in the UK and selling in over 30 countries and 6 continents.

Strapped E-liquid is a multi award winning brand and our company takes pride in building personal relationships with our customers in the fight against the harmful effects of cigarettes.

The company was founded in 2017 by Elliot White with an idea to supply a demand  for a quality vape liquid to a domestic market. This vision changed to supplying all vape users worldwide.

The brand has become a household name and a market leader with the support from our team using proven marketing protocols and assistance from our close friends within the industry.

We have numerous endorsed global partnerships including involvement in different governmental organisations in the aim to provide a healthier alternative to smoking whilst offering a variety of mouth watering flavours.

Strapped E-Liquid have millions of customers worldwide with a big outlook on environmental, social, financial and health issues.  We use as many recyclable materials as possible in our manufacturing process. Provide competitive prices for the highest quality product in our market and have sponsored and supported many different social campaigns.

We guarantee to provide the best service and be around for many years to come.


The road to Strapped E-Liquid has been a long but exciting road….

We started off as a small market stall in Brixton, London, selling ranges of products and being a smoker but embracing the surrounding culture.

We then moved to our first shop on the high street, and catching a new up and coming craze we took the plunge to become the first vape shop on the high street. Switching to vaping for all of my staff was initially very hard from bad quality devices to cheap juice in high quality branding we began to realise that there was a gap for a high quality juice brand in the market.

2017 this was the end of the smoking habit and the start of our world class brand "Strapped E-liquid” We spend 6 months of flavour testing and research to have a better understanding on how to create the best juice.

Founded by Eliott White, we started our journey to our trusted local clients with our “Originals” range this blew up quicker than we expected and we needed to expand.

By 2019 we had multiple stores and representation around London and had started to exhibit in many different shows, picked up awards and clients in and around Europe.

By 2020 we had 6 solid ranges and managed to expand to over 40 countries and gain a huge following.

By 2021 we started research and development into the new craze of disposable e-cigarette systems with partnerships of the biggest manufacturers in the world.

2022! Many new releases and huge worldwide marketing plans in place to win many more awards and reach and assist many smokers.

Our products