Strapped 'On Ice'

STRAPPED ELIQUID ‘On Ice’ range features the Original flavours that you already know, Bubblegum Drumstick, Strawberry Sour Belt, Sour Apple Refresher, Super Rainbow Candy, Tangy Tutti Frutti and Cool Lemon Sherbet but with a Menthol twist.

Perfect for the summer months or people that prefer that minty freshness to their vape. Available in 10ml, 25ml and 100ml bottles and in No Nic and NS20 variations.

Tangy Tutti Frutti on Ice is a tongue tingling takedown of tutti frutti sourness that will drive you insane with sweetness!

Sour Apple Refresher is a super sour apple filled to the brim with fizzy sherbet to send your tastebuds into overdrive.

Strawberry Sour Belt is a reel of sour strawberry with a full on fizz aftertaste that will linger heavily on your tongue.

Bubblegum Drumstick is a brilliant 2 hit combo of bubblegum and a drumstick lolly to vape all day and all night.

Super Rainbow Candy, a tag team of mixed fruit sour candies that will leave you seeing double rainbows, all the way!

Cool Lemon Sherbet is tongue tingling lemon sherbet candy with a cool aftertaste.