The safety of our products!

Over the weekend news spread of yet another vaping related death in recent times, our hearts go out to everyone involved with these incidents and we would like to take the opportunity to make it clear to you, that all products made by us, sold by us, distributed by us, have all been made in 100% clean, safe conditions where there is absolutely no chance of foreign “oils” or materials being in the same building let alone the same room. We understand the bootleg market thrives on making lesser quality versions of products at a cheaper rate, so to combat this we are offering a cool 25% discount on all our products should you use code “VAPESAFE” at checkout.

Vape liquids are made from a combination of 2 core ingredients (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerate – commonly known as PG and VG) flavourings and maybe some nicotine at the end, something which we have been doing for a while now, if you have tried our candy powered vapes then you know our flavour combinations are packed with a punch. If you haven’t tried any of our flavours then you can use the discount code above to give a flavour a try, the one going around the office this week is the Super Rainbow Candy NS20’s and it’s going down a treat.

The discount code "VAPESAFE is good until the end of the month and is good for everyone.