We are delighted to introduce for the worldwide market our latest SODA release! GET DRENCHED with our 7 SODA flavours, available now in 10MG & 20MG Nicotine Strength! 

The main benefit of Nic-Salt is that it is designed to mimic the nicotine, naturally found in tobacco leaves, by giving you a faster and cleaner hit, without overriding the liquids flavour profile.

Nicotine Salts are generally not marketed as a “Stop Smoking” aid, but rather an alternative to smoking entirely. The Nicotine hit is more immediate, giving the feeling to “put down” their vapours after a few puffs.


✖ Professor Pep 10ML | 10MG - 20MG
A mad mix of fruits shoved in a can of sweetness

✖ Mango Guava Palava 10ML | 10MG - 20MG

A duo of fleshy mango and soft guava for a juicy all day vape

✖ Vanilla Cola Chaos 10ML | 10MG - 20MG

Sparkling bubbles of Cola Soda flavour with a sweet, vanilla twist

✖ Mezz Mania Twisted Orange Cola 10ML | 10MG - 20MG

An unlikely combo of orange and cola flavours for a classic, mezzo flavour

✖ Grape Soda Storm 10ML | 10MG - 20MG

A torrent of grape soda fizziness sparkling in your vape

✖ Totally Tropical 10ML | 10MG - 20MG

A tantalising tropical mix of pineapple and grapefruit

✖ Proper Punchy 10ML | 10MG - 20MG

An unforgettable mix up of orange, peach, apple & grapefruit

Strapped Nic Salt eLiquids are manufactured in the UK.